A Glance at Earth crochet halter top

Look tripped out as you feel…this psychedelic earthy halter top was inspired by the sky, sea and the beautiful land in between. It is hand crocheted with high quality recycled cotton, bamboo and soft acrylic yarns in ocean blue, seafoam green, brown, white, turquoise and sky blue.This is a completely original design, as the pattern is my own and I don’t ever make exact replications! This top would be perfect for festivals, performances, poi, hula hooping in and dancing! Fringes in the v-share are very flattering on the female form and look great on a gro0o0ovin body. 

can be found for sale here ~ https://www.etsy.com/listing/108266401/a-glance-at-earth-crochet-festival

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